New iConnect Advanced 4g LTE Postpaid Plans

*      Monthly rate inclusive of GRT
**    12 or 24-month contract required. Model may vary and subject to availability.
***   Plan 50 offers unlimited volume of usage with data speed reduced upong reaching the 10GB threshold per month. Plan 20 and 35 data speed will be reduced upon exceeding the monthly plan limit of 3GB and 5GB respectively and the applicable excess data rate will be charged accordingly. All services are subject to the iConnect Acceptable Use Policy. A $50 security deposit per unit is required. Additional other applicable security deposits may be required. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Some conditions apply.

Estimated Data Usage Chart 1GB 3GB 5GB
Emails sent/received with attachments 1400 4200 7000
Streaming music in hours 12 36 60
Web pages visited 200 600 1000
Social media posts with photos 190 570 950
Streaming videos in hours 2 5 8
Downloaded Apps/Games/Songs 14 42 70

Data activities with estimated consumption

1 Hour HD Video Streaming

306 MB

1 Hour Standard Video Clips

120 MB

1 Hour of Audio Streaming

30 MB

1 Hour of E-mailing

5 MB

1 Hour of Social Media

5 MB

How to measure data?

1024KB = 1MB, 1024MB = 1GB

All devices vary on data consumption and some devices have a feature to measure, monitor and limit their data usage. The above chart shows different data volumes (1gb, 3gb, 5gb) with estimated equivalent usage by mix of data activities. Another chart show some favorite data activites and their estimated data volume consumption per hour of usage.